Sunday, September 26, 2010

White Knuckle Day With Heavy Traffic

We started out the day in Johnson City at 7:00 AM, it was still dark so I used my bike headlights.  Traveling on RR 2766 & RR 3232, passing creeks with "flood gauge" measurement signs.

We spotted a deer? behind a tall fence.  It was small, spotted with a large rack. 

 At Dripping Springs Roger got onto Hwy 290 to Hwy 71 through Austin.  We thought early Sunday morning there would not be much traffic, but Austin folks were on the move.
Some of the four lane roadway did not have shoulders, so Vicki followed behind with flashers on (it was a white knuckle time)

I had a little tail wind and overcast in the AM, the afternoon was very pleasant.
O yes - we saw more goats!!!

Day 14 Of Riding:
Total Daily Miles: 110.4
Total Ride Miles: 1446
Total Daily Elevation Climb: 2979'
Total Daily Ride Time: 8 1/2 hrs.
Average Ride Speed: 16.5

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  1. Hey Roger,
    We're thinking of you! Back from the race in Utah and are amazed at your progress! Absolutely to you and Vicki, we'll follow your progress!!!Way to GO!
    Chris & Mike