Monday, September 27, 2010

Act Of Kindness

We spent last night in Brenham, TX - hometown to Blue Bell Ice Cream - our favorite!
The temps were cold in the AM at 56 degrees, so out came the jacket and long finger gloves.  I rode on Rt 105 which had a smooth shoulder and rolling hills for a total of 108.3 miles.
On our way to Conroe we passed through Montgomery, which had several lakes surrounding the city including Lake Conroe which was a large beautiful lake.
After Conroe I cycled through the town of Cut and Shoot, TX.  The town was named in 1912 after a violent confrontation over the church steeple.  At one point a young boy near the church yelled out "I am scared!  I am going to "Cut" around the corner and "Shoot" through the bushes in a minute".
We finished the day in Cleveland, TX, named for Charles Lander Cleveland, who deeded 63 acres to the railroad for $1.00 and Cleveland become a city in 1878.
Dinner tonight was at the Red Rooster where we meet Danny and Kim Arnold, a charming local couple who upon hearing of our trip graciously bought our dinner - Thanks so much for you kindness, Danny and Kim
Day 15 of Riding:
Total Daily Miles: 108.3
Total Ride Miles: 1554.3
Total Elevation Climb: 2473'
Daily Ride Time: 8 hrs.
Daily Average Speed: 15.4 mph

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