Saturday, September 11, 2010

First day - The adventure begins!!!

We decided to leave on Friday, Sept 10 and ride the first leg of our 3200 mile journey, because the weather was great (almost 20 degrees cooler in the desert).  I started the ride at 5:00 AM from Ocean Beach, CA (San Diego), riding 9 hr. 15 min to just short of Calexico, CA, for a total of 120 miles.  The route included biking through metro San Diego, the mountain towns of Alpine, Pine Valley, Jacumba

(close enough to the Mexican boarder to throw a stone and hit the fence) then down In-Ko-Pah Pass to Ocotillo and the Yuha desert, where the temps were up to 97 degrees.

The descent from the mountains to the desert floor was fast and hot, dropping from 4000+ feet to 320 feet in aprox 10 miles. Vicki was my SAG (support) throughout the day providing me with nutrition, directions and moral support.  We marked today's ending spot and drove back to Oceanside for a good night sleep.  The first day went better than expected, did not get lost, no flats and finished the day feeling I could of ridden farther.
Some of our family will spend Saturday with us for a farewell dinner and the "dipping" of the rear tire in the Pacific - next "dipping" will be the front tire in the Atlantic.
Sunday we will depart from Oceanside, driving to the "spot" near Calexico and begin another day.

Day one:
Total miles: 120
Total elevation climb: 7726 '
Total time: 9 hr. 15 min.


  1. Way to go Pappa! Great post and great ride. Chase can't believe you are on that bike..."the whole day". Claire and Cam are going to talk to their classrooms about it tomorrow! You are and inspiration to all. Keep up the great work!

    Love, Lisa, Jason, Cameron, Claire and Chase!

  2. And so the journey begins. Best of luck and lots of prayers for good health, strength and mental stamina. Can't wait to see you on the other side.

    Your Tallahassee cheering section