Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day Of Rest

After biking 8 days, 7 of which were consecutive, we took today off!!  We spent the morning sleeping in, lazy breakfast, washed the bikes, went through a car wash with the Suburban and still made it to 11:00AM church.  We attended Grace United Methodist Church - El Paso, TX.  The congregation was small, but were the most friendly and loving Christian - we felt so welcomed.
Using a combination of the Adventure Cycling Association maps (established cross country biking routes) and other riders routes, we had been able to shave off some miles and it looks like we are already just short of being 1/3 of the trip completed.  To date Roger has averaged almost 100 miles per day, weather etc permitting we could finish ahead of our original plans.
Roger feels strong at this point, thanks to his CA biking buddy and friend, Kelly DeBoer who has given Roger a countless number of cycling tips and advice.
To avoid AM rush hour El Paso traffic, Roger cycled 21 miles to the outskirts of town.  Tomorrow we will resume our regular schedule
More blog and pictures again tomorrow.

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