Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day Of Fall

  Roger started 3 miles west of Ozona, TX, with temps in the high 60's, it felt like the first day of fall.  The sky's were overcast and looked like rain, but luckily we encountered only a light sprinkle during the day. 

While on I-10 outside of Sonora, TX Roger saw his first deer.
We are officially in the "Texas Hill Country" on the Pecos Trail, an area known for hunting, fishing, sheep & cattle ranches.

The ride conditions were quite good with mostly smooth shoulders, gradual climbs and a cross wind that at times was an aide.

The ride today ended in Junction, TX with 96.9 miles and the eight flat tire of the trip.  At 460 miles into Texas we are approx. halfway through the state!

While coaching at Texas A&M Univ., Bear Bryant's 10 day summer camp was held in Junction.  The "Junction Boys" was the nickname given to those who made it through the entire camp.

 Day 12 of Riding
Total Daily Miles: 96.9
Total Ride Miles: 1236.8
Total Daily Elevation Climb: 2057'
Total Daily Ride Time: 8 hrs.
                                                       Average Daily Speed: 14.3mph


  1. GO ROGER and MOM! You guys are moving along nicely. Those are some really good photos. I had to catch up. Keep on peddling, Poppa Wheelie.

  2. Hi Roger and Vicki!
    How's it going? We enjoy logging on and seeing your progress. Great pictures!
    I'd like to brainstorm with you about some of us joining up with you when you come close to Pensacola to ride with you...IF we could keep up, that is!!! :)
    A few of us are going up to ride in The Gap this week-end. We may have some rain, but I'm sure we'll ride any way.
    Be safe,