Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old West Highway

Today's ride took us through the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  There was some nice down hill riding with a wind at my back most of the day.  This high desert land has some ranches, a lot of irrigated cotton fields and in all directions beautiful mountains in the distance.

Riding on the road shoulder I had to dodge a large tranchula, 2 dead coyotes and a rattlesnake.

Driving through the area we came upon thousands of locust on the roadway.

 The Safford area was a mixture of mining and agriculture and again the mountains in the distance.  We ended in Duncan, AZ, a charming old western town just 6 miles short of the New Mexico boarder for a total of 110 miles. 

The appropiate nutrition for a ride of this length is essential.  Vicki has been on track, mixing bottles of Hammer Products - Perpetuem, Recoverite, Gel, Electrolite Tabs and Whey.

Day 6:
Total Daily Miles: 110
Total Ride Miles: 591.2
Total Daily Elevation Climb: 3106'
Total Daily Ride Time: 9hrs 15 min.
Average Ride Speed: 16.5mph


  1. Keep on Truckin' and maybe buy some rattlesnake boots.

  2. Looks like fun, keep cool! I am liking all of the beautiful pictures.