Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cajun Country

Another great start with temps in the high 60's, blue sky's, a light breeze and flat country.  LA 190 still has wide shoulders, traveling along the pine lined roadway.

Into Cajun Country and riding through Eunice, LA, settled by early Acadians in 1894, a area with rich prairie farmland.

Passing a Louisiana cemetery (above the ground).

The second half of the ride, shoulder conditions varied and sometimes were non existent.  I did a lot of dodging potholes and gravel.

I rode 13 miles east of Opelousas, formerly a French trading post settled in 1720, named for the Opelousas Indians.
Opelousas is where we are spending the night.

Day 17 of Riding:
Total Daily Miles: 98.3
Total Ride Miles: 1762.5
Total Daily Elevation Climb: 443'
Total Daily Ride Time: 7 1/2 hrs.
Average Daily Speed: 15.8

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  1. Seeing the Arnolds sign must have been a great way to start the day. I am loving the travel log and pictures, quite the way to see USA. Good Job!