Friday, September 17, 2010

New State - New Time Zone - Temps Under 100

With a 7:45 AM start and 6 miles down the road we entered "The Land Of Enchantment" ( New Mexico) and Mountain Standard Time Zone. 

Back tracking to yesterday on The Old West Highway, we found an interesting roadside monument and wanted to share it with you - notice the bullet holes!

The countryside between Duncan, AZ and Lordsburg, NW was desolate but interesting with a gradual climb.  While on the two lane country road I got 2 flats and had to fight a stiff headwind.

Outside of Lordsburg I rode I 10 to Deming, NM for a total of 100.2 miles.  The route went through prairie lands, and over the Continental Divide - 4585'.  Train tracks parallel I 10 and Vicki counted 98 cars on one of the trains.  Today was our first day with moderate temperatures under 100 degrees.
  Day 7:
Total Daily Miles: 100.2
Total Ride Miles: 691.4
Total Daily Elevation Climb: 1374'
Total Daily Ride Time: 9hrs 15 min
Average Ride Speed: 14.1mph

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  1. Thoroughly enjoying following your trip, Roger. Stay healthy and safe and give our best to Vickie!