Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tale Of Two Rides

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This morning I left Van Horn at 7:45 AM - since on the western edge of CST it was still dark after 7:00 AM.  I followed I 10 through hilly/scrub lands, still beautiful views of the mountains in the distance. 

It was a great morning - pleasant temps, breeze at my back and I 10 was smooth.  Along side the roadway there were lots of different flowers blooming, with yellow being the dominant color - it was a great morning.

Later in the afternoon conditions changed - temps warmed up to the upper 90's, strong wind in my face and the I 10 shoulder became very ruff!!  I finished today with 119.6 miles and was glad to see the hotel in Ft. Stockton, TX.  This was my 10th day of riding and eclipsed the 1000 miles mark.

Ft. Stockton was a cavalry post in 1858.  The Yates oil fields were discovered here in 1925 and oil industry dominates the economy.
Day 10 of Riding:
Total Daily Miles: 119.6
Total Ride Miles: 1035.9
Total Daily Elevation Climb: 1771'
Total Daily Ride Time: 9 hours
Average Daily Ride Speed: 15.7mph

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