Monday, September 20, 2010

Central Time Zone and Still In Texas

We read in USA Today that the BP oil well is now capped.  We are so glad to hear that, but as stated in USA Today "Capping the well was great, but it is not over"  The need to help is still great.

Today started on the east side of El Paso following Hwy 76 & Hwy 20 to McNary, TX.  These back roads parallel I 10, the Rio Grande and the Mexican boarder, irrigated cotton fields, pecan & dairy farms.

Note boarder fence

At McNary I did a combination of frontage roads and I 10 for a total ride of 103.1 miles, ending in Van Horn, Texas and the Central Time Zone.  The roads were smooth, but I had my 6th flat tire for the trip.  These flat tires have been caused from the wire from steel belted tire debris and thorny roadside vegetation. 

Green mountains near Serra Blanca.

It was a beautiful day, partly cloudy with cooler temps, but still a headwind.

Cheap land  For Sale

Vicki Reading Maps

Day 9 of Riding
Total Daily Miles: 103.1
Total Ride Miles: 895.3 (plus 20 on rest day) Total 915.3
Total Elevation Climb: 1794'
Total Daily Ride Time: 8 1/2 hrs.
Average Daily Speed: 13.9mph


  1. Wow! Over a third of the way there! Amazing! Keep up the amazing work on an amazing journey! Love, Lisa, Jason, Cameron and Chase

  2. Good work! Have you ever tried a product called Slime in you tubes? It reseals the tire after small holes caused by torns. It works but is probably looked down upon by the ultra light weight cycling world, just a thought maybe worth a try. The pictures look great!

  3. Way to go! The Grooters in MN are thinking about you everyday!!

  4. Hi Roger and Vicki,
    Our computer has been down so we haven't been able to keep up with your progress as we'd have liked to....but now we're back on and will look forward to your updates.
    You are amazing, Roger! Can't believe you're 1/3 of the way already! You are an inspiration. Be careful and don't over do it.
    Vicki you are the greatest!
    Eddie and Kristen

  5. Is there still 20 acres for 16,500?

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