Monday, September 13, 2010

California In The Rear View Mirror

Starting at 6:30 AM I completed the last 28 miles in California and crossed the Colorado River into the State of Arizona.  With temps approx 110 degrees we decided to break up the day into two rides (6:30 am-11:30 am & 3:45 pm-6:45 pm), riding for a total of 8 hours and a total distance of 100.5 miles.

I rode I 10, which has a wide shoulder but had to dodge lots of debris.  The traffic was heavy, but I always felt safe. The wind directions have been difficult to predict, changing directions 180 degrees in a short distance.
Since riding in such extreme temps I rode in approx. 10 mile sections with short rest to refuel and cooled my core body temp. - pouring cold water over my head and neck. 

Day Three:
Total daily miles: 100.3
Total ride miles: 310
Total daily elevation climb: 1932'
Total ride time: 8 hours


  1. Hope you're getting plenty of rest and refueling! Take care of yourself and HAVE FUN!!

  2. Wow Roger! Hope the weather cools soon. Hang in there! Lisa

  3. NICE! Moving right along. Pop-a-wheelie.

  4. Enjoying following your trip, Roger---beautiful scenery! I only question your name for your support and gear lady! Can't you do better than SAG?!

  5. you're doing awesome dad! Love you and stay safe.

  6. Great job Roger!! Tavian asks about you everyday! You have inspired him!!

  7. The heat and wind are totally unpredictable. We learned there is no such thing as "prevailing winds". Keep pedaling it only gets better.