Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day Of Rest

We decided to stay in Johnson City for an extra night and take a needed day of rest.  Roger would of been riding through Austin and Univ. of Texas had a home game and traffic would not of been good.
Early this morning we did drive into Austin (40 miles east of J.C.) on a back road that Roger would of taken biking and had to turn around due to flooding over the road - we did find another way. 

We had a late breakfast, stopped at a bike shop and a drive by the Capitol, which is under repairs.

Back in Johnson City Roger cleaned his bike, fixed the bike computer and watched some football.

We want to thank you all for your e-mails, phone calls, blog comments and thoughts and prayers.
Encouragement is good!
Some Local Humor!!

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  1. So glad you got a day of rest!! So does overbhalf way thru TX mean almost half way?!? Go Roger!