Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hot Ride Through The Desert

Day two started just west of Calexico and ended in Palo Verde, CA for a daily total of 90.2 miles  After an 8:00 AM start the desert heated up quickly - from 80 degrees to a high of 111 degrees.  Leaving Calexico I rode through the Imperial Valley, which is famous for it's agriculture (very flat terrain)  Staying on Hwy 78 we passed through the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

 Roger met a new friend in the town of Glamis.

Today's ride was a tough one, spending 7 hours in such extreme temps.

I can't imagine doing this ride without my SAG - acronym for "Support And Gear" 

Day Two:
Total Daily Miles: 90
Total Ride Miles: 210
Total Daily Elevation Climb: 1800'
Total Daily Ride Time: 7 hours

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  1. Go Dad go, I am watching and talking about your ride everyday. I will keep following up and calling you along the route. Your doing great.