Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interstate10 to Phoenix

After riding 52 miles on Interstate 10 we were in the Phoenix area with traffic and road construction.  For the first time on the ride I did not feel safe on the road.  The shoulder narrowed and then at times was gone.  I stopped and lifted my bike over a concert barrier to avoid getting "run over".  I then walked a short distance to some road crew (in my spandex biking shorts, helmet etc.) to ask for directions -you can just imagine the look on their faces!!!  I was near a exit and was able to get off the interstate and onto Van Buren for a safe ride to Papago Park, at the edge of Tempe. 

From Papago Park we drove back to Goodyear (west of Phoenix) and were overnight guest of our good friends, Roger and Marlene Hayes.  We were served a wonderful meal, washed our clothes, had a nice visit, and good night sleep (too busy to blog).

Day 4
Total daily miles: 80
Total ride miles: 390.8
Total elevation climb: 1194'
Total daily ride time: 8 1/2 hours

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