Saturday, October 16, 2010

A visit to the scene of the accident

On Thursday, Oct. 14th, Roger's six sons, Kol, Jon, Josh, Mark, Ben and Steve and his son-in-law, Jason went to the scene of the accident to put up a cross in Roger's honor. Here are the photos from this visit.
The long, straight portion of Highway 20 where the accident occurred

The guys standing at the accident spot

The cross that the guys put up in honor of Roger

The cross was built by Roger's sons and engraved with his initials. 

Ben, Josh and Kol standing next to the cross
Again, we thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. So many of you have had such kind words to say and remember Roger for the remarkable man that he was. The family plans to complete the ride within one year. More details will be posted here as those plans develop. We welcome anyone to join us to complete the journey. You can email if you are also interested in participating.


  1. This was a great story posted last Thursday. Beautifully written and recounts some of the wonderful remarks made about Roger at the Monday funeral service.

  2. Count me in on your ride! Love to you all.
    Natalie Szabados