Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Days of Rest

With the long day of cycling on Sat. we made it to the western side of Pensacola, 17 miles from our home in Gulf Breeze, FL.  
To time our arrival in Jacksonville, FL for next Saturday (we will have some family joining us to celebrate) we took two days of rest at our home.  The rest and time away from traveling has been enjoyable and we are ready to push to the finish, leaving tomorrow AM.
Pensacola, (America's first settlement) has flown the flags of five countries - Spain, France, England, the Confederate States and the United States.
 Don Tristan de Luna, from Spain landed in 1559, but the permanent settlement in Pensacola was not established until 1698.

View of Pensacola Bay and the Three Mile Bridge to Gulf Breeze

                                                                               Our home Church

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