Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Two - We Ride for Roger

Day two started out strong, with a beautiful sunny day in Tallahassee, FL.  After Jacob Williams tuned-up the bikes for the ride, the group headed down highway 90 with scenic views of Live Oaks, Spanish Moss and rolling hills.

First stop was in Monticello to get "GUed up" and refueled.  

Next stop was a quick PB&J lunch in Greenville, FL - hometown of Ray Charles.

After lunch the cyclists continued down Hwy 90 where they were sprayed by a pesticide truck and passed by a few stinky semi-trucks (filled with chickens).  After a long, but interesting, 25 miles the riders had a quick break.  Along a came a storm cloud and we experienced a quick heavy downpour, huddled uncover and were off again shortly.  

The last segment of the ride included one minor incident with a few scuffed elbows, but all were OKAY.  We ended the day's route safe and sound in Live Oak, FL.  

Enjoyed a ride happy hour - some were even pampered by massage therapist, Jason Fox, and finished the night with dinner at Dixie's Grille. 

Today we received this meaningful message from a friend, "...I KNOW that Roger smiles, knowing that his kind spirit and courage lives within all who knew him, and many who did not, but believe in making the world a more safe place for riders."  Thanks for the thoughtful words Ann.

Day two: Sunny day with one little rainstorm

Distance:  87.2 miles
Headwinds 10 miles per hour, out of the east/northeast
Speed:  17-19 miles per hour, final average 16.5
Time:  5 hours

To all those reading this blog...PLEASE pay attention when you are driving.  Share the road.  It only takes a moment for something tragic to happen when you are distracted in the car.

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