Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day One - We Ride for Roger

We Started out bright and early at Vicki's house, greeted by wonderful volunteers who served coffee and bagels (donated by Bagelheads).  Thank you Karla, Diane and Nancy!  Then we were off.

A group of 22 amazing cyclists, and Roger's family, traveled about 2 hours to the scene of the accident just east of Ebro, FL on Highway 20.  We were honored to have Jack Kale, pastor at Gulf Breeze UMC, start with a short service.  He gave an inspiring message about how one person who started something led 22 others to complete it.  Our lifetime on earth is short and so we rely on others to build upon the life we've started.  That's just what these fellow cyclists are doing.  They are helping us finish what Roger started.  They've were inspired by what Roger had accomplished in life and the person he was.  We are honored to have them in our lives and we are now inspired by all of them. 

The cyclists rode 100 miles on day one on a great route that Roger and Vicki planned over a year ago, with only short breaks along the way, including a quick PB&J lunch in Blountstown, FL.  

Day one ended safe and sound in Tallahassee, FL with a delicious group dinner organized by Shannon Grooters and supported by her Tallahassee friends and the Junior League.  Thank you!

We are looking forward to day two.  Key learnings from today…pile on the sunscreen (Cody) and don’t eat too much GU (Jon)!

You can see more photos and media coverage by visiting the We Ride for Roger Facebook page:

Day one: Beautiful sunny skies
Distance:  104 miles
Headwinds 10-15 miles per hour, out of the east
Speed:  18-20 miles per hour, final average 17.0

To all those reading this blog...PLEASE pay attention when you are driving.  Share the road.  It only takes a moment for something tragic to happen when you are distracted in the car.

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