Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day Three - We Ride for Roger

We had a great start to day three.  It's amazing how energized and in-shape these riders are.  We headed out of Live Oak, FL at 9:15 am down highway 90.   
Jacob tuning a bike for the day.


Bob Wilson and Vicki with the Jolly Roger jersey he gave her.  Roger wore the same jersey on his cross-country ride.
Steve and Jon got their boiled peanuts!
After a quick break about 40 miles into the ride, we coincidentally ran into the 2011 Florida State Time Trial Championships in Olustee, FL (also along hwy 90).

Tanya and Jason making some gourmet PB&Js
We met up with fellow West Florida Wheelmen master cyclist (, Don Davis.  Congrats Don - State Champion for Florida State Time Trials!  Very impressive win today!  Now Don's joining us for the rest of the ride!
Roger's Ride crew meeting up with Don Davis.
The weather held out for most of the ride.  We were fearful of rain the entire day, but it luckily did not happen until we were within eye-shot of the hotel. 
The women of the ride.

The crew enjoyed a few beers and a quick swim in the pool.  We are going to enjoy our last group dinner tonight at Perrard's Italian restaurant.  Then off tomorrow morning for the last 30 miles of the ride.
Trish and Liz getting a little push from Courtney.
Cody and Brett - need we say more?

The cyclists rode faster today.  Brett's feeling is that Roger is helping to push them to the end  The group is strong and getting stronger. 

Thank you to everyone who has been cheering us on.  We share all your good wishes with the cyclists and they appreciate it!

Day three: Cloudy and cooler and looked like rain all day
Distance:  74 miles
Headwinds:  All over the place...0-20 miles per hour
Speed:  18-21 miles per hour, final average 17.9
Time:  7 hours

To all those reading this blog...PLEASE pay attention when you are driving.  Share the road.  It only takes a moment for something tragic to happen when you are distracted in the car.

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